5 Cat Breeds Not Recommended For Children

Cats generally make great pets for children, but some breeds might be more friendly than others. Some cat breeds are less patient and more sensitive than others and they might not be the best choice for a family with young children. Although all cats are individuals and breeds can only be generalized so much, if you’re looking for a cat breed that will fit right in with a family, it might be a good idea to reconsider these breeds.

#1 – Himalayan


The Himalayan is a gentle cat that is affectionate toward his family, but prefers a more quiet lifestyle. Loud, rambunctious children might stress out a Himalayan more than other breeds, so young children might not be the best companion.

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#2 – Russian Blue


Russian Blues can make great companions for modern families, but only if children are well-versed in how to properly handle animals. Russian Blues are rather shy, aloof cats that must be very comfortable with you before they come over for affection.

#3 – Savannah

Photo by will.wade via Flickr.


Savannahs are a unique hybrid that can make a great family companion so long as proper animal handling is established in children. Savannahs do not like to be picked up, held and restrained and likes to show affection on its own terms, so small children that like hugging cuddles might fair best with another breed.

#4 – Turkish Van


Although the Turkish Van is an affectionate breed, they do not like to be cuddled or held for long periods of time and small children may have trouble understanding this, through no fault of their own. They like their space respected and do not take well unwarranted affection.

#5 – Singapura

Photo by Takashi Hososhima via Flickr.


The Singapura is a social cat that enjoys affection, but doesn’t do well with loud noises or chaotic environments. Families with small children might be stressful for a Singapura, but older children that understand proper animal care and handling could do well.

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