3 Tips For Creating The Perfect Catio (Cat Patio)

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on December 22, 2014

Cats are loungers, that’s for sure. Although sometimes your feline friend may switch up their preferred location when chilling out, a catio (safe outdoor enclosure for cats) could be their ideal place to relax and enjoy all things them. Catios used to be thought of as a luxury but now there are many ways to show your cat how much you appreciate them by providing them their own personal sunny space outside while free from outside dangers. Follow these steps to give your cat their own sanctuary inside of your home:

9697792093_f81b67bdd7_zSource: @Castaway in Scotland via Flickr

1. Get inspired

To create for a cat you may need to think like a cat. Scope out a place in your home or ponder out on your soon-to-be enclosed patios to get ideas of what your cat might enjoy. All indoor cats like a view of the outside world and there doesn’t need to be anything elaborate to make them feel comfortable. Think within your budgeting means while brainstorming on ideas for how to spoil your kitty.

Milly (Norwegian Forest) & Snow White (mixed breed)Source: @Frin Frode via Flickr

2. Seek online advice

With a simple internet search you can find a number of ways to create your very own catio right in your home. Catios range from a number of styles and price ranges, and if you want to get proactive about making your own DIY catio you can do just that. Look around to get ideas on exactly how you want your catio to look.

 Stylish-catio-with-ample-plantsSource: www.decoist.com

3. Do-It-Yourself!

While some catios come with a hefty price tag attached, by getting creative you can come up with affordable options for treating your kitty to the great outdoors. Building your catio can be a fun project for you and your cat while they helpfully observe and anticipate things to come! But before you begin, it’s important to be realistic about your catio goals and seek outside help if it proves too much for you to take on all by yourself. There are also kits available online to help guide you in making your outdoor enclosed cat retreat. Once you have your catio complete, be sure to spruce it up with things they would like–a comfy cat bed/pad, scratching post, toys, etc.!

(Decoist.com is a great online resource for any space inside and outside of your home.)

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