28-Toed Cat Ties World Record For Feline With The Most Digits

Paws the polydactyl cat began her life as a stray mama on a Minnesota maple syrup farm. Now she’s a Guinness World Record holder! Paws is tied for the title of “Most Toes On A Cat” with a Canadian kitty named Jake.

Both cats have 28 toes total. Paws has three extra digits on each forepaw and one extra on each back paw, while Jake has seven toes on each of his four feet.


Polydactyly is a genetic trait often associated with author Ernest Hemingway. He was given a white polydactyl cat named Snowball by a ship captain at his island home off Key West, Florida. Hemingway became enamored with the multi-toed kitties and more than half of the 50 cats he cared for ended up having extra digits.

To this day, polydactyl kitties are often referred to as “Hemingway cats”.

Screenshot via CBS Minnesota


The genetic abnormality is usually harmless as long as the extra toes are frequently trimmed to prevent them from growing into the paw and causing discomfort when walking. Luckily, Paws’ vet happily trims her extra digits at no additional charge!


H/T & Featured Screenshots via CBS Minnesota


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