25 Kooky Cats In Action

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on May 21, 2015

Curious and playful, our feline friends are known for getting a little squirrelly from time to time with their awkward displays of quirky cuteness. Whether they are bouncing around going crazy over the most random thing, or suddenly getting spooked at the sound of a strange noise, their priceless reactions have us cracking up in no time. We love that cats keep us on our toes and undoubtedly entertained with their irresistibly kooky antics:

2872348348_7e82c5f5b8_zSource: Mel via Flickr

DSC_0967Source: Cristiano Betta via Flickr

2341751695_c8e129eaf9_zSource: Dean Souglass via Flickr

432695879_a6cc892279_zSource: Bonbon via Flickr

3089845465_a6e1299a7c_zSource: ryan kuonen via Flickr


5013111054_1d7570242c_zSource: Vivianna_love via Flickr

5290360568_d216d6571d_zSource: optische_taeuschung via Flickr

12218054895_38cb084062_zSource: Daniel Lee via Flickr

3939272883_b88e02f76b_zSource: Laurie Chipps via Flickr

77324607_52e35341f9_zSource: Pete via Flickr

8539683787_3536113ba8_zSource: Nicole via Flickr

4602975334_d035de1e3e_zSource: Mr.TinDC via Flickr

44079772_c59e7c0d38_zSource: Melissa Weise via Flickr

3221437830_45baae6914_z-2Source: romana klee via Flickr

2167280945_4bfcea5f6a_zSource: Charlotte via Flickr

4050617361_91b36771ef_zSource: Chris Radcliff via Flickr

4278603209_08859b22a8_zSource: Lisa Omarali via Flickr

528313026_416d772ad7_zSource: Danielle Kellogg via Flickr

1398550219_ab0162d17a_zSource: Jen via Flickr

8794022845_8952b11177_zSource: Robot B via Flickr

6366460685_f8657ba927_zSource: martinak15 via Flickr

17127617971_97293a6202_zSource: Kasey Erikson via Flickr

17127473501_559308febf_zSource: Kasey Erikson via Flickr

105367440_d495244a2e_zSource: Tommy Hemmert Olesen via Flickr

2486159785_cce2df0749_zSource: Meggito via Flickr