20 Cats Who Clearly Aren’t Kittens Anymore…

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on May 13, 2015

Big or small, some cats never truly realize their size. The tiniest cat can be exceptionally brave, scaring even a large dog, and the biggest cat can insist on cozying up right in your lap, regardless if they are tipping the scales at 2o pounds. Whatever size a cat is, cats that still think they are the adorable, cuddly kittens they once were make our hearts smile and we can’t resist their sweet charm. Take a look at our fun gallery on 20 cats who clearly aren’t kittens any more and have a good laugh:

3557152779_80f4a4fa43_zSource: Onesharp via Flickr

3885158222_332b20c0cd_zSource: Susan E Adams via Flickr   1482468416_956846b28c_zSource: Darcie Tanner via Flickr

4179534280_60dd06ba4b_zSource: Jennifer Lamb via Flickr

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446528371_15addebbfb_z-2Source: minxlj via Flickr

4061076945_678c20c5a8_zSource: mlhradio via Flickr

5735728176_f9f0d7678b_zSource: the_vampire_hanna via Flickr

4508778508_c29322a8f5_zSource: dotpolka via Flickr

3205214212_13e52c3569_zSource: greeblie via Flickr

3221437830_45baae6914_zSource: romana klee via Flickr

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8606809677_da49dd1aa2_zSource: Rubbertoe (Robert Batina) via Flickr

14405829271_1f1b1d32bd_zSource: romana klee via Flickr

3413181666_ff15b16f1b_zSource: Lara604 via Flickr

2944128905_72501a66ed_zSource: mob mob via Flickr