17 Purrfect Shirts For Any Man Who Loves Cats

We know that most guys don’t like to shop, so sometimes, we have to do the shopping for them. Do you have a proud cat dad in your life? Well, why not let them sport their love for the feline kind with a fun t-shirt. With several options to choose from, there’s something perfect here for the leading man in your life–who just happens to be a cat lover, too.

Oh, and the best part? Every shirt feeds 14 shelter cats. So not only will your man be happy, you’ll be doing good for cats in need, too–which is something you can both be happy about!

1. Got a guy who loves politics? This might be their pick for the next presidential candidate:

My Vote

my vote cat

2. Is your man a bigger fan of cats than people? Well, then he’ll love this one:

Cats: Because People Suck


3. After a long day, this sounds way better than going to the gym–and he thinks so too!

Go To The Gym

gym cat

4. This is just one of the things you love about him the most…

Real Men Love Cats

real men

5. Is he always chatting about the “kids” to others? Then this one is simply purrfect for him…

Talking About Cats


6. Is your guy always saying that the cat hair sticks to everything but the cat? Well, then he’ll find humor in this…

Cat Hair Shirt


7. Is your man passionate against those who mistreat animals? Let him show the world how he feels about it with this:

Special Place

abuse cats

8. Do you have a Netflix binger in your home? He can wear this while chilling on the couch with his wingman, Frisky:

Cats & Netflix

Cats and Netflix

9. Does he love cats and coffee? This might speak directly to his heart:



10. Is he a big Walking Dead fan or a total zombie lover? We gotcha covered with this one right here.


cat zombies

11. Does he love the cat more than most people he knows? We concur:

Nicer Than My Cat

nicer than my cat

12. Is your man often seen rocking camo print? Then add this to his camouflage collection:

Camo Paw Print

camo cat

13. Does your proud cat dad love snapping photos and sharing them–whether with friends or on social media? Then this is the one for him:

Pics Of My Cat

cat phone

14. He’s a firm believer that people who don’t like cats are just crazy…

If You Don’t Like Cats

cat therapy

15. Would this be his dream job??

Professional Cat Lover

proffesional cat

16. Does he know good and well who runs the show around the house?

Check With Boss

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.30.44 AM

17. You may get annoyed when he leaves the toilet seat up, but that cat doesn’t think any differently of him…

In Cat’s Eyes

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.36.08 AM

Written by Modi Ramos
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