15 DIY Tips That Make Living With A Cat Easier

Cat owners often find themselves slave to their feline companions and if you’ve got more than one cat, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed at some point. So how do we outsmart our cats and make living with them easier? Read these hacks below!

#1 – Grow Your Own Catnip


It seems like everyone’s got an organic green thumb lately, so why not spend some time growing your own catnip? You and your cat will both benefit.

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#2 – DIY Brand-Name Litter Box

Photo and Instructions via Posed Perfection.


This litter box is as big as you want it to be, copies an expensive brand-name and provides a nice cover for your cat’s privacy. Instead of spending money on expensive litter boxes, go ahead and use a plastic container and make your own.

#3 – Window Screen Tape


It’s inevitable that your cat eventually scratches your screens, so how do you fix it? Well, there’s window screen tape! The perfect solution to your problem.

#4 – Soft Paws

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 4.21.03 PM
Photo via Soft Paws.


Soft Paws – After you’ve fixed that screen, you can put some Soft Paws on your kitty to keep those nails soft. Even regularly trimmed nails can do damage on furniture and screens.

#5 – Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Hair

Photo via RealSimple.com.


Don’t want to lint roll your entire couch? Never fear, using a kitchen rubber glove is the idea here. Hair sticks to the rubber as you wipe it away.

#6 – DIY Wall Scratching Post

Photo via SquareCatHabitat.com.


Gluing carpet to wood or any other surface makes for a nice, chic way to provide your cat with his scratching post needs. Not only do they look modern and stylish, they’re completely functional.

#7 – Use Water Bottles


Many cat owners suffer with cats that not only drink out of your glass, but knock it over every chance they get. If your kitty is a mischievous one, try using water bottles instead. You won’t get broken glasses, spills, or cat slobber.

#8 – Use Shelves as Cat Furniture

arbreachat-ikea-princesseguerriere-entier - Copy
Photo via Princesse Guerriere.


Have extra space in your shelf? Add a blanket or pillow and turn it into a bed for your cat. Or, buy a small shelf or single story shelf and use it as a cat bed on its own.

#9 – DIY Cat Tent

Photo via Instructables.com.


This tent only needs two hangers and an old t-shirt. Follow the steps in the tutorial and you’ll have a neat, homemade tent in minutes.

#10 – DIY Interactive Puzzle

Photo via The Glam Cat.


There are a million interactive toys for dogs and cats, but they’re pretty expensive. If you’re feeling crafty, you can cut holes in a Tupperware container to make your cat work for food and toys!

#11 – Give Your Cat a Workspace Bed


Give Your Cat a Workspace Bed – It’s well-known that cats love to sit right on our books or computers and get in the way of everything we do, so why not provide them with a bed on our desks? If you don’t want to spend any money, just turn a cardboard box lid upside down and voila! Cat bed is made!

#12 – Cardboard Playhouse

Photo via MarthaStewart.com.


Cats love cardboard boxes, so if you’re feeling creative you can build a real looking house for your cat to play around in. It’ll last longer than you think!

#13 – Ikea Kitty Hideaway

Photo via IkeaHackers.com.


It’s unclear where this idea originated, but making hidden cat litter box houses is becoming more an more popular. Not only are they disguised as regular desks and shelves, they keep the litter box hidden from plain view and the scent to a minimum.

#14 – Basket Bed


If you’ve got any extra baskets lying around, it makes perfect sense to throw a blanket or existing cat bed in there to make it an even fancier bed.

#15 – Use Double-Sided Tape


If there’s somewhere you don’t want your cat to be, like the kitchen counter, you can cover the areas in double-sided tape. Cats typically hate this feeling, so they’ll avoid the area altogether.

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