15 Clever Names For Your Tuxedo Cat

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on March 13, 2017

We love tuxedo cats for many reasons, but the most obvious has to be their fancy-looking markings! Like people, every cat has its own personality, so why not choose a name that describes your kitty’s quirks and coloring?

Whether you’ve just brought home a kitten or adopted a rescue cat who needs a new name for their new start, check out these 15 clever names for inspiration. Do you already have a tuxedo cat at home? Share his or her name in the comments below!

1. Bond

Name your kitty after the famous Secret Service agent who always looks sharp in a tux.

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2. Coffee Cream

Is your cat like a comforting cup of coffee with a splash of milk? Give this name to the kitty that gets you through the morning (and the rest of the day)!

3. Panda

Honor your cat’s colors by giving him the name of these adorably fluffy bears…

4. Penguin

Or perhaps the way he walks reminds you a bit more of a penguin!

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5. Phantom

Musical fans will think of the white mask worn by the phantom in Phantom of the Opera.

6. Domino

Call your black and white cat the name of this classic game.

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7. Moustache

Moustaches and tuxedos just seem to go together – especially if your kitty actually has one!

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8. Yin-Yang

This name is purrfect for a kitty that is best of both worlds – sassy and moody one minute, then sweet and affectionate the next!

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9. Taylor / Tailor

This fun play on words is both a traditional “human” name and something you do to alter a tuxedo.

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10. Snap

If you’re into photography or film, a nod to black and white snapshots or movies – as well as your artistic side – makes a fun name for your feline!

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11. Whoopie Pie

If you crave white icing sandwiched between two cakey-chocolate cookies, call your cat this delicious name.

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12. Lady / Gentleman

What else would you call a cat who’s always ready for a formal occasion?

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 13. Nine

This number will make everyone think of your feline’s legendary nine lives, plus your tuxedo kitty is always “dressed to the nines.”

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14. Stella, Luna, or Apollo

Consider one of these astrological-inspired names that are reminiscent of the moon and stars in the night sky.

15. Chess

If your cat is a master problem solver, calling him by the name of this intelligent game (often played on a black and white board) is purrfectly appropriate.

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