11 Awesome Comics That Perfectly Describe Life With Cats


As cat lovers, we get pretty used to the weird quirks our feline friends have. In fact, things that might frighten your average human become perfectly normal to us. Dead mouse on the floor? Running like an Olympic sprinter down the hallway at 3am? Having your toes attacked as they stick out of the sheets while you’re asleep? It’s all nothing we haven’t seen before.

For those less informed on life with cats, Daria at Catsu the Cat illustrated these amazing comics. These awesome sketches perfectly describe what living with a cat or two is like. In fact, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Thanks to Daria, we’re able to share them with you. If you love cats, you’ll laugh in solidarity. If you don’t have a cat, well, we hope these don’t scare you away.


Image source: Catsu the Cat

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