10 Ways to Create the ULTIMATE Cat Paradise in Your Home

| Published on August 6, 2015

There are a lot of ways to give your cat a happy and stimulating environment. Cats are generally happy if you provide the basics: fresh food, cool water, a clean litter box, toys, and an elevated place to nap. But as devoted and doting cat parents, we often want to go out of our way to pamper our purring friends. There are, of course, many ways to pamper on a wide range of financial and time commitments. Since this article is about creating the ultimate cat paradise, I’ve focused on some of the more extravagant examples. These ideas are just stepping stones. Take the ideas you like and adapt them to fit your specific home and cat. Many of these ideas can be actualized cheaply if you’re crafty.

1. Walkways
Your cat’s wildcat ancestors perched high up in trees to keep an eye on the world below, hunt prey, and avoid becoming prey themselves. Even though your domestic cat lives in your safe and loving home instead of the jungle, she still has her wildcat instincts. Because of this, cats feel best when they have plenty of vertical space for observing, preying, and staying safe from potential (albeit nonexistent) hunters. Vertical space can come in many forms.


Image Source: Goldtatze via hauspanther.com


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Image Source: theverticalcat.com


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2. Window perches
Ample window space is a key part of creating a cat paradise. As natural hunters, indoor cats are stimulated when they can keep an eye on the outside world. Your cat will love to watch the birds, squirrels, and insects, even if she can’t access them. If your window faces a busy, treeless street that’s okay too– your cat will appreciate being able to watch the cars and people. If you want to maximize the window perch, place a bird feeder right outside the window.


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3. The right toys
Each cat will have a different idea about what kinds of toys are the best. When it comes to creating a stimulating environment, however, there’s no doubt that interactive toys will do the best job. Interactive toys will satisfy your cat’s playful side while also activating his hunter instincts when you aren’t there to play with him.


Image Source: Catit via Amazon.com


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4. Water fountain
Cats can quickly become dehydrated if they don’t drink an adequate amount of water. Cats will often avoid drinking water that they believe may be contaminated– which can include water in a bowl that has been placed too close to her food or water that is stagnant and has collected dust. Your cat is most likely to drink a healthy amount of water if her water is kept cool and fresh. The easiest way to ensure that is to invest in a water fountain.


Image Source: PetSafe via Amazon.com


Image Source: PetSafe via Amazon.com


Image Source: PetSafe via Amazon.com

5. A roomy and clean litter box

The litter box is, by far, the worst part of living with a cat. Beyond scooping, most cat parents don’t put much thought into the box. To your cat, though, the litter box is a critical part of her daily routine and even the smallest details matter. Beyond scooping the litter daily and completely changing it regularly, there are a few other things to consider.

Is your cat large? If so, an average-sized litter box may not be big enough. Your cat should be able to easily turn around and scratch inside the box. Consider a jumbo-sized box like this one:



Image Source: Iris USA via Amazon.com

Do you have a multi-cat household? Does your cat share her home with a dog? Cats who share their homes with potential predators may have a hard time using a covered litter box without the fear of being ambushed. In a multi-animal home consider using an open litter box or a covered box with a clear top that will allow your cat to see who is outside before she exits.


Image Source: Van Ness via Amazon.com

If you have a hard time getting motivated to clean the box every day, the Litter Genie may help. It sits beside the litter box and you can scoop the waste directly into it. The top seals to lock in odors, and you simply replace the bag once it’s full (for my two-cat household I have to change the bag about once a week).


Image Source: Litter Genie via Amazon.com

6. Hiding spaces

Hiding spaces are particularly important in multi-cat households, but all cats like to hideout every once in a while.

Image Source: The Cat Ball via Amazon.com


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Image Source:Wooddesigndforyou via Etsy.com

7. Cat trees

Cat trees are great because they have so many purposes. They provide great vertical space that can even accommodate several cats if you choose one with multiple tiers, they can act as window perches if you place them strategically, and some trees even have built-in hiding nooks and scratching posts!

Image Source: The Refined Canine via Amazon.com


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Image Source: Furhaven Pet via Amazon.com

8. Scratching posts

A good scratching post can help your cat shed the loose top layers from her claws (a necessity for claw health), give her a good stretch, and even help her work out some frenetic energy.


Image Source: CharleyandBillie via Etsy.com


Image Source: SmartCat via Amazon.com


Image Source: Omega Paw via Amazon.com 

9. Food puzzles

Food puzzles, which help pace meals and turn feeding time into a game, do a lot to supplement a stimulating home environment. Your cat will love the hunt and appreciate the reward of food at the end. Puzzles can be used for wet food, dry food, and treats.


Image Source: Catit via Amazon.com


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10. A catio

A catio is an outdoor structure that is completely enclosed, allowing your indoor cat a safe way to get a taste for the great outdoors. Some catios are even attached to the home, giving the cat access through a window or pet door. Otherwise you’ll have to carry your cat to her safe outdoor space.


Image Source: Kittywalk Systems via Amazon.com


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Image Source: Kittywalk Systems via Amazon.com

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