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10 Ways to Create the ULTIMATE Cat Paradise in Your Home


There are a lot of ways to give your cat a happy and stimulating environment. Cats are generally happy if you provide the basics: fresh food, cool water, a clean litter box, toys, and an elevated place to nap. But as devoted and doting cat parents, we often want to go out of our way to pamper our purring friends. There are, of course, many ways to pamper on a wide range of financial and time commitments. Since this article is about creating the ultimate cat paradise, I’ve focused on some of the more extravagant examples. These ideas are just stepping stones. Take the ideas you like and adapt them to fit your specific home and cat. Many of these ideas can be actualized cheaply if you’re crafty.

1. Walkways
Your cat’s wildcat ancestors perched high up in trees to keep an eye on the world below, hunt prey, and avoid becoming prey themselves. Even though your domestic cat lives in your safe and loving home instead of the jungle, she still has her wildcat instincts. Because of this, cats feel best when they have plenty of vertical space for observing, preying, and staying safe from potential (albeit nonexistent) hunters. Vertical space can come in many forms.


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