10 Toys Your Cat Will FLIP For

| Published on November 1, 2014

Kitties love to play with toys, there is no doubt, but they can also get tired of the same ‘ol thing. These 10 cat toys are sure to make your kitty flip.

#1 – Jackson Galaxy™ Cat Crawl™

This mesh tunnel designed by the Cat Daddy himself is sure to please your kitty. The mesh version allows your cat to “watch” from a safe spot, or the solid version allows your kitty to hide and stalk.

Image source: JacksonGalaxy.com

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#2 – Imperial Cat Scratch

This large cat scratcher is a toy and napping spot all in one! Perfect for kitties that like a place off the ground to chill on, and they come all sorts of fun shapes and patterns.

Image source: ImperialCat.com

#3 – Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Cat Toy

This amazing circuit takes this type of cat toy to new levels. It has 8 pieces with alternating high and low sections and a motion-activated illuminating ball. Add-ons are available to make an even larger track.

Image source: Petsmart.com

#4 – Aikiou Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center

Think activity feeders are just for dogs? Think again! This fun toy will stimulate your cat’s mind while she hunts for her dinner.

Image source: Amazon.com

#5 – Cat Wheel

Yup, it’s like a giant hamster wheel, for your cat! Made in the USA, they come in a few sizes and are designed to allow your cat to exercise safely. Would your cat use one?

Image source: CatWheelCompany.com

#6 – SmartCat Tick Tock Teaser Cat Toy

A fun toy, inspired by a swinging clock pendulum, will occupy your kitty for house. It has two moving targets to attract your cat to play, including a leather strip on top and a removable mouse on the bottom.

Image source: Petsmanic.com

#7 – Jackson Galaxy™ ModShaker Cat Toy

If your kitty likes noise when they play, this is the toy for them. Each toy is filled with organic catnip and a rattle. Designed by Jackson Galaxy with your cat’s enjoyment in mind.

Image source: JacksonGalaxy.com

#8 – Cat MixMax Puzzle

Another way to make meal time more interesting, the Nina Ottosson MixMax puzzle allows you to connect different puzzles together to make a bigger game. Your kitty has to find the treats or kibble by sliding blocks though the openings.

Image source: CompanyofAnimals.com

#9 – PetSafe Egg-Cersizer

Want your chubby kitty to get some exercise while eating dinner? This is the toy for you. He will have to bat it around to get the food to dispense.

Image source: Amazon.com

#10 – Glo’N Dark Rattle Cat Toy

A fun way to play with your cat in the evening, this fun toy has a 32” want with a 38” reinforced color cord. The stuffed toy with a satin tassel glows in the dark!

Image source: HollywoodKittyCo.com

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