10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Cat

| Published on October 31, 2014

Thinking about adding a new kitty to your clan? How about a shelter cat? You can find all ages, colors, and breeds at the shelter. Here’s 10 reasons why it’s a good way to go (from the cat’s point of view!).

#1 – Can Opening

While my claws allow me to climb almost anywhere, they are not the best at opening cans of tuna. That’s what your thumbs are for, why else would you have them? They aren’t just there for looks, sweetie.

Image source: @StuartHeath via Flickr

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#2 – Headquarters

My plans to take over the world won’t work from inside this prison. However, your house would make a perfect headquarters…umm, home.

Image source: @tamtam via Flickr

#3 – Scratching

While I am supremely flexible, there are just some spots (base of the tail, for example) I simply cannot reach. Puny human, your arm looks like it could use the workout.

Image source: @PaulHarrion via Flickr

#4 – Trophy Stashing

Without a home, I have nowhere to bring my latest trophy. You should be so lucky to have me put a mouse in your shoe.

Image source: @Mongider via Flickr

#5 – Missing Master

How can you live up to your potential of a servant without a master to lord over you? Allow me to fill those shoes. Now, go prepare your house for me, and don’t forget the feather bed.

Image source: @DanPerry via Flickr

#6 – Lap Warmer

Well actually, you are keeping me warm by not moving a muscle while I take my four hour nap in your lap. Move and you will feel my claws in your soft skin. Don’t fuss, you will save on your electric bill.

Image source: @TakashiHosohima via Flickr

#7 – Work Excuses

“My cat needs to go the vet,” “my knocked my coffee on my keyboard,” “my cat hacked up a hairball all over my uniform,” and a host of other excuses to get out of work I can happily provide to you if you open your door to me. I do expect cheese as payment for my services, but aren’t they worth it?

Image source: @Dougwoods via Flickr

#8 – Silence isn’t Golden

Your house is way too quiet…like a graveyard. Allow me to fill it with mews, chirps, and purrs.  We cats really are the most melodious of pets.

Image source: @KristinaSavic via Flickr

#9 – Good Luck Charm

Did you know we cats are good luck? Just ask the Japanese or Irish. Take me home and watch your life get suddenly better. Again, I take cheese as payment.

Image source: @SomethingFerdinand via Flickr

#10 – Love

Despite impressions you may get from this list, the number one reason you should adopt me is the unconditional love I will give you…as long as you do what I ask. Sound fair? Good. The shelter closes at 6, break me out before then.

Image source: @onesharp via Flickr


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