10 Cats That Prefer Dogs To Pillows

| Published on April 21, 2015

Cats and dogs have a long-standing history of conflict, but more and more pet owners are realizing that their canine and feline companions secretly love each other just as much as we love them. Cats can appreciate dogs for a number of reasons, but perhaps the best use for a dog is as a pillow! Their soft, warm bodies make the perfect squishy pillow for a sleep kitty.

#1 – Need a body pillow? Never fear, a small dog will do.


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#2 – With a dog this big, this tiny kitten has an entire bed!

Photo credit: Imgur.

#3 – A pillow and a guardian, all in one package.

Photo credit: Gaston Enria.

#4 – Matching snugglers!


#5 – Doggie pillow fit for a king…or a kitten, that is.

Photo credit: Imgur.

#6 – We’re not sure this pup is as comfortable being a pillow as his kitty is using him as one.

Photo credit: OneGreenPlanet.org.

#7 – Sunbathing Siblings.

Photo credit: Øyvind Lilleberg.

#8 – Excellent Spinal Support.

Photo credit: Pics-search.info.

#9 – Wait, where IS the dog!?

Photo credit: Deean Hollis.

#10 – What’s better than one pillow? Two pillows!

Photo credit: Reddit/Kedrico.

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