10 Best Cat Breeds For Dog Lovers

| Published on March 5, 2015

Are you a dog person feeling a little interest in a companion of the feline persuasion? Perhaps you’re a cat lover with a dog-loving friend you think should give cats a chance. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a cat with a more dog-like personality, look no further than this list!

#1 – Abyssinian


The Abyssinian is one of the oldest known cat breeds, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it has the most stereotypical cat personalities. They are very outgoing, playful extroverts that will become depressed without enough human interaction.

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#2 – Manx


The Manx is tailless due to a naturally occurring genetic mutation that spread throughout the ancient cats on the Isle of Man, where the breed is from. They are very intelligent and playful cats that will follow their owners around like dogs do.

#3 – Burmese


The Burmese is a beautifully little cat with an extraordinary personality. They are playful and intelligent but soft spoken, allowing them to get along well with children and even dogs. They are very attached to their owners and will find every opportunity to be by the side of their family members.

#4 – Ragdoll


The Ragdoll is aptly named for its tendency to go completely limp when picked up, making it the most easily handled cat around. They are very docile lap cats that are both intelligent and playful if given the opportunity. Ragdolls will commonly greet their owners at the door when they return and are generally very invested in their owners.

#5 – American Curl


The American Curl gets its name from the way its ears curl backwards into a unique shape. This breed is still relatively rare but becoming more popular. They are very attentive to their owners, following them around everywhere and even working as living alarm clocks.

#6 – Turkish Angora


The Turkish Angora is a naturally occurring breed that was developed into a domesticated cat. They are highly intelligent and very easily trained because they are so sensitive to their owners. They form very strong bonds with their families.

#7 – Siamese


The Siamese is an ancient breed of cat that’s known for its outstanding personality. They are known for being the social butterflies of the cat world, choosing to involve themselves in the business of their owners and guests alike. They are very intelligent and playful extroverts.

#8 – Savannah

Photo by will.wade via Flickr.


This hybrid cat is a very social animal that is much more commonly compared to dogs than other cat breeds. They are very attached to their families and can be easily trained to fetch and walk on a leash.

#9 – Sphynx


This hairless cat might put off some dog people initially, but their looks shouldn’t overcome their personalities. The Sphynx is very dog-like in temperament and will become attached to its human family members as well as both dogs and cats it shares its home with. The breed is known for being quite the clown.

#10 – Devon Rex


The Devon Rex is very loyal to its family and will follow you everywhere you go. They have tons of energy and enjoy playtime well into their adulthood. The breed is also a very loving lap cat that prefers to be in your arms or under your covers with you while you relax.

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