This Cat Was Trapped Under A Boat Until A Selfless Stranger Jumped In

Of all the cat rescue videos we’ve seen, this one is especially amazing. At first look, this man appears to be jumping into the water for some sort of a drill but a moment later you learn his purpose. And boy, was it a surprising one!
Incredibly, a cat got himself stuck underneath a ferry that runs from Stockholm and Gotland in Sweden. We have no idea how this cutie managed to get into such a predicament but cats will be cats! Curiosity didn’t kill this cat, but it sure got him into a rough spot! Thankfully, this selfless man came to his rescue. I especially love how the rescuer did his very best to keep the cat as dry as possible on his swim back to short How sweet of him! We need more people like this man in the world.

He sure is lucky to be alive! No more boat adventures for you, cutie! I’m so glad he’s safe and sound now.
Has your cat ever gotten into a tough situation? Share his or her amazing rescue story in the comments below!

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Written by Johnny Ferniz
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