Your Cat’s Four Favorite Places To Be Petted

| Published on September 13, 2016

All cats are individuals with their own likes and dislikes, but there are some generalizations we can make about domestic felines as a whole. One thing we know for certain is that there are some places just about every cat loves to be petted. Most of this area is around the head and neck, but you’ll have to use your own judgment on your cat’s preferences to determine which area is best.

#1 – Chin

Most cats love a good chin scratch. Whether you’re just giving a gentle rub with your fingers or scratching with your own nails, your cat is likely to start purring in satisfaction at this great massage. A chin scratch is enough to make most cats even doze off a little bit.


#2 – Base of Ears

You might notice that your cat rubs their head against you and other objects in the house quite often. This isn’t always because their head’s itch, but because the base of the ears house scent glands they use to mark their territory. So when you decide to rub this area, you’re not only giving the physical satisfaction of the massage, you’re marking yourself with your cat’s unique scent.

#3 – Cheeks Behind Whiskers

This is one of our favorite areas because it often makes your cat move their whiskers around. Whiskers are sensitive so you want to be sure not to scratch them too hard, but just behind the whiskers on your cat’s cheek is an area that sets the purring machine off quite often.


#4 – Base of Tail

This seems to be a love or hate thing for cats. Some cats hate it, but most cats love getting the base of their tails scratched. Rubs from the head or neck, down the back and to the base of the tail are often a favorite of cats and will get them in the mood for a full body massage very quickly. This often brings cats to purr and knead in satisfaction as they enjoy the spa treatment!

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