You Won’t Believe What This Cat Taught Himself To Do All On His Own!

| Published on July 15, 2015

While some cats do their business in the litter box, there are those who are specially trained to do poop and pee in the toilet. They are even taught how to flush after they use the toilet!

The cat in the video below was not trained to use the toilet at all. His human just noticed that somebody was using one of the bathrooms in the house and wasn’t flushing after. He asked all the family members, but they all claimed that they flush after they use the toilet. They also noticed that the cat’s litter box has been suspiciously clean. So they put up a video to catch who the culprit is! Check out the footage below!

Apparently, the cat started doing this all on her own! What a clever kitty! Now all they have to do is teach her how to flush!