You Helped Dave Transform From A Bullied Community Cat To A Treasured Feline Family Member!

Written by: Amber LaRock
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| Published on September 1, 2021

iHeartCats works with Greater Good Charities by donating part of each sale to their various charity efforts. One of the charities, Rescue Bank, works to donate quality cat food to shelters and rescues who are in need. Some organizations could not run without the kind donations from organizations like this, and that’s why your donations are so appreciated. 

A sensitive cat named Dave is one of the many feline friends that have benefited from the help of the GreaterGood Charities Rescue Bank. After spending his life being bullied by other community cats outdoors, he finally made his way to AC PAW to find his forever home.

dave gg

Dave was found living outdoors at a trailer park in Traverse City Michigan. Dave had been beaten up regularly by the other outdoor cats in his community, causing a broken spirit and poor health over time.

It’s clear that Dave had been suffering for quite some time, as he was clinging to life by the time he was found by rescuers. Not only was Dave extremely malnourished from not being able to stand up to other cats for food, but he also had a severe head tilt that made it challenging to get around. It was clear to everyone at AC PAW that Dave would need quite a bit of TLC to nurse him through his current condition.

dave gg

After first seeing a veterinarian, Dave was sent to a foster home to receive the one-on-one care he needed. Not only did his foster home come with an experienced caregiver, but he would also be housed with another troubled cat named Lexus. They both had multiple obstacles to overcome before getting adopted, and this arrangement would allow them to heal together.

Dave quickly gained weight with access to plenty of tasty food, and his head tilt began to resolve as well. Dave will likely always have a slight head tilt, but he no longer struggled to get around. With his health crisis resolved and the newfound confidence his friendship with Lexus offered, he was ready to find his forever home.

Gary and Lisa came across Dave’s story and knew he would be the perfect companion for their cat named Angus. Angus is an affectionate cat that was longing for a feline friend, making him a good fit for a shy boy like Dave.

From the moment Dave entered his new home, it was clear that he finally found the forever family of his dreams. The couple could not imagine a life without Dave now, as he was the missing piece they were searching for!

dave gg

The GreaterGood Charities Rescue Bank supplies bags of food to AC PAW, allowing them to put their regular donations toward much-needed vet care. Your donations helped this rescue offer Dave the beautiful future he always deserved!

We are so happy that Dave is free of his painful past and in a loving home. We send our thanks to the team at AC PAW for their dedicated work in saving Dave’s life!

Image Source: ACPAW/FB

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