This Cat Is The Boss…And His Piercing Stare Proves It!


Cats have a certain look on their faces that kinda shows authority and power. But this cat has a stare so powerful, it can pierce your soul!

Meet Albert, the frowning cat who can stare and glare at you without ever moving a muscle. His stare is so powerful, you’ll feel like he’s silently judging and criticizing you.

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Albert is famous on Instagram because of his piercing glare. He has almost 90 thousand followers!

A photo posted by Albert (@pompous.albert) on

The way he looks at you will make you feel like you’re being judged.

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Albert is a Selkirk Rex, a breed known for their curly hair. He was once rejected but thankfully, he has found a loving family.

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His job is to help his humans manage the office. His humans, Mike and Susan, run Sagebrush Fine Art in Salt Lake City Utah, and Albert is the supervisor.

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Other than walking around the office and looking over the office’s daily operations, Albert also inspires his humans.

A photo posted by Albert (@pompous.albert) on

And everyone at the office knows he’s the boss!

A photo posted by Albert (@pompous.albert) on

However, don’t be fooled by his stare. He may look mean but he is a very sweet cat. And he loves to be petted!

A photo posted by Albert (@pompous.albert) on

He may look mean, but we think he’s gorgeous!!

If you want to know more about Albert, read his full story at

For more photos and videos of him, follow him on Instagram!

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