Skinny As A Chopstick, Kitten Becomes Rescue Mom’s Blue-Eyed Princess

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 13, 2024

Homeless animals, unlike the kitten in this story, aren’t so lucky to be rescued. Their desperate cries fall on deaf ears. However, this kitty was one of the lucky ones! The feline was roaming the streets, scavenging for sustenance, her emaciated frame resembling a ‘chopstick.’ She welcomed a woman as she approached. The woman picked her up and brought her home. Initially hesitant, she devoured the food once the woman comforted her. Her prolonged hunger was obvious as she sniffed the food. She indulged in her first satisfying meal, oblivious to disturbances around her, embodying an elegant yet distressed demeanor.

The following day, she exhibited newfound bravery, responding to calls and fixing a steady gaze. The woman made a vet appointment for a thorough checkup. With assistance, her nails were trimmed, and her weight and bloodwork revealed severe anemia. The vet recommended nutritional improvements and administered deworming treatment. While eating the yummy nutritional paste, the feline allowed her ears to be cleaned.

The kitten, now named Xuebao (meaning Snow Treasure), loved to eat her canned food, which was measured carefully, so she gained weight. The feline, though still guarded, displayed signs she was adjusting. Next, it was time for Xuebao to receive a bath. Additional meals were introduced, including a special treat of boiled meat. Her beautiful blue eyes began to sparkle as she gained confidence and settled into her new home.

Two weeks later, Xuebao flourished into a cherished family member, enjoying a leisurely existence. Her affectionate disposition emerged, proving she was no longer in distress. Her new mom considers Xuebao to be her princess. We are so grateful for Xuebao’s rescue! And you will be too!

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