Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If Your Work Had A Cat Library–Complete With Loanable Kittens!?


Since many of us don’t work in pet stores, the chances of getting to hold kittens while on the clock would be something only our imaginations could dream of. But if you happen to work for the local government of Doña Ana County in Las Cruces, New Mexico, then you can just loan out an adorable cat or kitten from their cat library while at the office. Don’t believe us? See the photos below for proof!

via their Instagram page, @donaanacounty:

Tiffany Tillison, an employee for the county, recently posted a photo of the “library” to Reddit which instantly became a hit with users. Tillison said that the county’s head of public relations came up with the idea of bringing in cats, working in alliance with the Animal Service Center of the Mesilla Valley. Many of the cats that are brought in are in desperate need of loving homes, some of these cats being blind, previously abused, or even once abandoned.

These cats in “the library” get to spend their days receiving lots of love and affection before being placed with their forever home when that day comes. The majority of the animal adoption centers are outside of the city limits in Las Cruces, NM, so this way these ready-to-adopt cats and kittens are on full display to those coming in and out of the building. To date, there have been at least 100 adoptions thanks to this kitty kondo project.

There are typically around 5 cats available to choose from at a time, where employees can come in for onsite play–or even take them back to their office! Thankfully there have been no issues with employees reporting allergies, or perhaps these cats and kittens were just so cute they didn’t seem to mind so much. Either way we would LOVE to be able to do this while at work, wouldn’t you?!

Check out this video below for the project:

via YouTube


Written by Modi Ramos
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