Worried Mom Fox Calls for Help for Her Baby

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 30, 2024

Foxes often resemble elusive stars in the animal kingdom, rarely seen except for brief moments at dusk. Typically, they prefer solitude, and encountering one up close usually signals trouble.

This exact scenario unfolded in Cooden Beach, a town in England, where locals noticed a fox lingering unusually near a drainpipe.

The commotion started when residents heard strange cries emanating from the drain. Upon investigating, they found an adult fox standing conspicuously near the pipe’s entrance.

Seeing a grown fox out in the open was so rare that it was immediately clear something was seriously wrong.

A closer look revealed the heartbreaking truth. This fox was a distressed mother, and her cub was trapped deep within the drainpipe’s maze. Helpless, she stood by, visibly anxious.

Rescuers worked tirelessly for about 90 minutes, striving to reach the cub. Despite their efforts, the cub remained stuck in an inaccessible section of the pipe. The situation was dire; the cub’s survival depended on their success. But giving up was not an option.

After a short break to reassess, the rescuers resumed their efforts. This time, luck was on their side. One team member managed to feel the cub within the tunnel. The young fox had crawled back toward the pipe’s entrance but needed help to break free.

With renewed determination, the team carefully pulled the cub out. The collective sigh of relief was almost palpable as the cub was finally safe.

Next, the cub, likely bewildered by its underground ordeal, received a quick bath. The emotional high point came when the cub was reunited with its mother. Placed in an open carrier, the cub waited as the mother fox approached cautiously. After a brief, tender interaction, she helped her cub out of the carrier, and the pair dashed off into the woods, their family whole once more.

This touching story underscores the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, a bond that transcends species. It also showcases the vital role compassionate humans can play in animal lives. The East Sussex WRAS team truly excelled in reuniting this adorable fox family.

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