Woman Gets A Tattoo Of Her Cat With Ink Made From His Hair

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on February 26, 2018

How far would YOU go to make your kitty part of your life forever?

Kathrin Toelle, a model from Germany, wants to keep her beloved Maine Coon, Gizmo, “under her skin” forever through the ink of an innovative tattoo!

No stranger to permanent body art, Toelle learned about a service called Skin46, which “extracts medically clean carbon out of the hair of your loved ones,” according to their website.

Image Source: Screen Shot via Skin46

The company is located in Switzerland and is offering 50% off to “Early Birds” willing to be backers on their soon-to-be-up Kickstarter page.

And the service isn’t cheap. According to The Sun, a full-priced batch of custom ink costs about £518 (or $724), “but each batch can stretch to around 30 small tattoos or 10 larger designs.”

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And that doesn’t include the cost of actually getting the tattoo !

For some, it’s a small price to pay for a meaningful tribute to a beloved pet or family member. (Yes, you can use human hair too!)

As for, 10-year-old Gizmo, he’s still alive and well. But Toelle loves having a piece of her kitty with her everywhere she goes.

“Gizmo is a very clumsy and sweet cat. He loves to play with little balls and is always stealing my hair bands,” she told The Sun.

(h/t: The Sun)