A ‘Disfigured’ Stray Cat Trails Woman Pining For A Mom Of Her Own

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on February 26, 2024

As a special education teacher, the woman in this story often makes house visits to her students. On one such visit, as she was leaving a student’s home, she encountered a tiny kitten perched on a doorstep. Greeting her with a gentle “Hi, little kitten,” she didn’t expect the cat to follow her all the way to her car. Addressing her as a ‘good girl,’ the woman noticed her disheveled appearance – she was dirty, infested with fleas, had a bloody nose, and suffered from eye infections, all while weighing merely 10 ounces.

Concerned for her well-being, the woman took her to a vet, where she was deemed healthy aside from her unusual facial appearance. The vet advised against taking her to a shelter, warning that she might be euthanized due to her unconventional looks. It seems that the preference often leans towards aesthetically pleasing cats, leaving those who appear different or have special needs behind. This kitten, named Willow after the street in Tampa, Florida, where she found her, only faced minor breathing difficulties due to being able to breathe out of just one side of her nose, making her a remarkable rescue success story.

Willow’s arrival into the woman’s life was unexpected. The area she was found in is known for its feral cat population and for being a dumping ground for unwanted animals. It’s likely she was abandoned due to her feeding issues, but no other kittens or a mother cat were in sight. Despite initial judgments on her appearance, the woman decided to keep her, celebrating her uniqueness. Willow enjoys playing with pipe cleaners and her dog sibling, embodying the spirit of resilience and joy.

The woman chose the name “Willow The Beautiful Cat,” as a defiant stand against those who deemed her as ugly. It was the woman’s way of challenging perceptions and highlighting her true beauty. Willow’s story is not just one of survival but a testament to the unexpected joy and companionship that come from embracing differences. She has proven to be a delightful addition to her family, showcasing that love and a caring home can transform lives.

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