Woman Solves The Conundrum Of A Kitten That Hasn’t Grown

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on March 14, 2024

Meet Widdle, the fearless little cat who has captured the hearts of everyone around him. Despite his small size and unusual appearance, this teeny feline is full of courage and spunk. Widdle is not scared of anything – he confidently walks up to large dogs, other cats, and humans without hesitation. When Widdle first came to his foster mom, she was concerned that he was sick. He would go four or five weeks without gaining any weight, and all his siblings were eventually adopted. Even when a new cat arrived and gave birth to kittens, Widdle was still the size of an eight-week-old kitten despite being much older.

Widdle was also a grumpy little fellow, but his foster family enjoyed his odd personality. He was constantly climbing up their necks and hiding down their shirts, and he seemed to love causing a bit of trouble. To ensure that Widdle was eating and staying healthy, his foster mom kept him at her workplace. He would approach anyone who came into the clinic, whether they wanted to see him or not. Widdle had a penchant for starting fights, stealing food, and bothering the staff by sitting on their shoulders.

Soon, Widdle’s foster mom learned why the kitten wasn’t growing. Widdle has dwarfism. There isn’t a lot of information available on cat dwarfism, but from what Widdle’s foster mom could gather, cats with this condition tend to have a shorter lifespan of around six years. However, they don’t necessarily suffer from poor health throughout their lives. Despite his small size, Widdle is a healthy and robust little cat.

Widdle stayed with his foster family for much longer than anticipated. Typically, kittens are returned once they reach a certain weight, but Widdle was still under that threshold at five or six months old. After spending six months with his foster family, they couldn’t bear to part with him.

Widdle’s fearlessness often leads him to start fights with other cats, even those that are four times his size. However, the dogs in the household tolerate him well, having grown up with many kittens around. They deal with Widdle’s constant annoyance gracefully and even cuddle up with him for naps.

Everyone in Widdle’s life is incredibly tolerant of his quirks. His courage, spunk, and unique personality have endeared him to everyone he meets. Widdle may be a small cat, but he has a huge presence that is impossible to ignore.

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