Who Says Cats And Dogs Can’t Be BFFs? Cute pictures of Feline-Dog Friendship

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on January 22, 2015

While cats and dogs have their undeniable differences, like cats are naturally awesome and far superior, there are some cats that don’t mind kicking it with the canine kind. Here are some cats and dogs that will make you stop and say awe:


3752857682_c3c942f0a9_zSource: b1ue5ky via Flickr

Could we seriously be any cuter?

3752858326_b524b8ff19_zSource: b1ue5ky via Flickr

Yeah, that’s it, right there.

399924547_98e6cef97a_zSource: meknits via Flickr

I would move but this is actually quite comfortable for me.

202734059_fcce636dcd_zSource: sabianmaggy via Flickr

He better not drool on me.

7157023684_3b61a68c52_zSource: Egidio Maurizio via Flickr

You feel so tense. What’s troubling you, my dear?

7836660_c20047c5ca_zSource: cincity via Flickr

Sure beats sitting on the concrete.

20124549_4a6a56e93a_zSource: Wheezy Jefferson via Flickr

I wonder if we both sit really still if the humans will even notice we are here.

3410129767_328959faa5_zSource: Judi via Flickr

You’re not going anywhere this time.

54934107_f8b37c3f06_zSource: Alan Bruce via Flickr

Well, you smell alright to me…

3752065305_ce7431269f_zSource: b1ue5ky via Flickr

You looking at something, punk?

 14526934750_ae73037b1a_zSource: Eli Duke via Flickr

I was so here first.

2518915940_bd277133f7_zSource: nguyen hoangnam via Flickr

Why do they keep making me pose with him??

8265600913_3c11fc0388_zSource: Cedar via Flickr

So much better than a pillow.

8510180409_d37a55f3b1_zSource: jeffreyw via Flickr

So I guess head butts aren’t always a bad thing.


Wake me up when it’s time to turn over.



I said pay attention to me!


I really hope he’s not wondering if he can fit me in his mouth.


You should see the view from this angle!


Wait, did you hear that??

3752065781_cf574eba4d_z-2Source: b1ue5ky via Flickr

Would you stop that? You know I said that tickles!