Who Says Baby Toys Are Just For Human Babies? This Kitty Absolutely Loves Them!

| Published on June 16, 2015

Does your cat have a favorite toy?

We love our cats to enjoy their lives. So we give them toys and even build cat trees so they can have plenty of fun! And because cats are very curious creatures, they investigate all the things they see. Especially if it’s something new in the house. And if they find it fun, they play with it too!

Just like this cute little kitty who found some baby toys! It’s like he found a magical playground with all the baby’s toys lying around on the floor! This is just too adorable to miss! Watch the video below and see this cute kitty having a blast with the toys he found!

Oh my gosh! So cute! I just love it when he twirled around when he held onto one of those hanging toys!

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