When This Kitty Gets Outside, His Human Rescues Him With Her Cat Elevator!

| Published on September 3, 2015

We’re not entirely sure if this was the cat’s idea or the owner’s, but we know it’s most certainly a genius one. This little kitty has his own elevator, hand-crafted by his beloved human companion. When he wants to go outside, she simply lets him out and waits for his return. When he gets back, the window is too high for him to jump into so he meows to let her know he’s arrived. Steadily, she lowers the elevator and he jumps right in for the ride up! This is either the smartest cat or the laziest cat, or maybe both. Either way, it looks like felines are moving up in the industrialized species list. We might even have to start competing with them!

This video is short but shows the loving and innovative relationship between an owner and her cat. We can only begin to imagine what other neat contraptions they’ve come up with!