When This Herd Of Deer Approach This Cat We Didnt Know What To Think

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on July 18, 2015

When animals are the same species, often times they are totally comfortable with one another. Well, with the exclusion of animals wanting to declare dominance among others of their kind. But what about when different species come face to face?

We’ve seen how cats and dogs react to each other, but how do you think a cat would react if confronted by a small herd of overly curious deer? Well, watch this video and find out!

Source: A Large Herd Of Deer And a Cat End Up Face To Face. You Don’t Want To Miss What Comes Next. by dritancela on Rumble

AWW! Those deer were so cute, it looks like they just wanted to play with that kitty! Maybe if they were smaller then they wouldn’t have frightened the cat away. Have you ever seen animal encounters like this before? Leave us a comment and share!