What It’s Like To Be Woken Up The Feline Way

Screen Shot 2015 05 19 at 41804 PM

Every cat lover gets the joy of experiencing things that are unique to feline ownership. People without cats can never understand what it’s like to share your home with a furry little kitty, especially when it comes to doing things on your own time. Once you welcome a cat into your life, everything happens on your cat’s time. It’s like having a child! In this video, Shorty and Kodi show us what it’s like to wake up every morning with a real life alarm clock – something every cat owner is all too familiar with! Once your cat is up and ready for breakfast, it’s time to get out of bed for you too!


 This hilarious video shows exactly what every morning looks like to a cat owner. Do you have any photos or videos of your cat’s daily routine? Share them with us in the comments!

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