We All Know Cats Can Be Crazy, And This One Proves It!

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on April 11, 2016

Any person who has a cat knows all too well that cats can be totally out of their minds sometimes. My cat reminds me almost daily what a nut he is, with each random scurry across the room or climbing onto some really high perches. Like the roof, for example, as pictured below.

I like that he enjoys giving me panic attacks…

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For Reddit user Der_Bosewicht, they know exactly what it means to have a crazy cat. In order to calm their kitty from an episode of cat-crazy hyperness, they tried giving the kitty some alone time to calm down for a moment. And when they went in to check on her, boy were they in for an interesting surprise:

I had to lock her in the dog crate because she was going to break something in the house from being over hyper. I think she hit her breaking point.

crazyvia Imgur

As they put it, I think that this cat may have reached her breaking point. Kinda makes you wonder, was their catnip involved?? I’ve seen cats do some crazy stuff in my day….but this is definitely a new one, even for cat-obsessed lady like myself! Got a crazy cat photo you want to share that trumps this exorcist kitty? Share with us in the comments section!