Watch What This Cat Does When She Realizes That She’s Being Recorded!

Not all cat toys started out as such. For instance, the “toy” in this next video originally came from a slipper. It’s a fluffy ball with string on the end that eventually was given to the cat because ever since they’ve had her, she’s had the urge to “groom” the furball.
But can’t a girl get some privacy?! This sweet kitty is intensely grooming her furball when she finally realizes that she’s being watched. As soon as she sees that, she stops the grooming and puts a suspicious-looking expression on her cute face. She’s like, “C’mon mom, you don’t need to record EVERY little thing I do. Can’t I get a little privacy?”
My favorite part has to be when she begins to notice the camera mid-lick, and her tongue stretches out slowly around 22 seconds! So cute. Check her out:

What a funny girl with a maternal instinct for fluffy things! 😉
Does your cat have a non-toy “toy” that he loves so much so that he cares for it or grooms it daily? My cat has a pet mouse toy that instead of chasing, he snuggles it! Lol! Tell us about your cat’s quirky toy interests by commenting at the bottom of this page.

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