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Rescue Report ID: 26986410
Age: 5 Years, 3 Months

Likes: Candy Canes   Dislikes: Dogs Scare Me A Little
  Naughty     Nice


Hi, My name is Peppermint! A wise cat once told me, “Dress for the job you want. Not the job you have.” Well, I want to be a family furball! That’s why when other cats ask me why I wear my “tuxedo” all the time, I tell this it’s simple. I just want to look my best for when that day comes…the day that I find my furever family. Plus, I like to keep it classy.


Rescue Report ID: 25519874
Age: 2 Years, 8 Months

Likes: Jingle Bells   Dislikes: None
  Naughty     Nice


Hi, My name is Jingles! I love bells. Church bells. Choir bells. And especially jingle bells! They’ve always reminded me of this wonderful time of year. I have a special bell sewn onto my scarf that means so much to me. I hope that someday it will bring the same smiles and happiness to a family as it has brought me. When I find my furever family, I’ll be jingling all the way home!


Rescue Report ID: 21449631
Age: 6 Years, 3 Months

Likes: Literature   Dislikes: Dogs—Utterly Barbaric
  Naughty     Nice


Hi, My name is Higgins! I used to have a home. I thought it was a forever home, but sadly, my mum passed away. Shortly thereafter, some nice chaps came and took me to a new home. Hardly a home, I should say. Cats and dogs. All in cages…all so lonely. It was dreadful. But I have never given up hope that one day I would again find a cozy place to call my furever home.


Rescue Report ID: 24523901
Age: 1 Year, 4 Months

Likes: Snow   Dislikes: Catnip—It Makes Me Crazy!
  Naughty     Nice


Hi, My name is Snowball! Christmas was always a special time for me. The shiny ornaments that hung on the tree just begging me to give them a swat. They would spin around, and my family would laugh so happily. I also remember the first time I played in the snow. It was so cold but so fun. Now, it’s still cold but because I’m in a cage. I long for those good old days. I know it will come. I believe in Christmas Miracles.


Rescue Report ID: 24523901
Age: 5 Years, 2 Months

Breed: Tabby
Color: Orange
  Naughty     Nice


Do you hear what I hear? It sounds like the joy of the season is upon us, and with every note of every Christmas carol sung, my heart fills with more and more holiday cheer. I’d love to share it with you, snug and warm at home as we hang the stockings by the fireplace and paint ornaments for the tree. The cold winter nights try hard to take my spirit, but hope never leaves me because I know we will soon find each other, and that’s a gift I’ll always treasure.


Rescue Report ID: 80900124
Age: 3 Years, 4 Months

Breed: Persian/British Shorthair
Color: Champagne
  Naughty     Nice


From the streets to the runways, my life has changed so much since I was rescued. I used to never worry if my nails were done, and now, you’ll never see me without the purrfect pawdicure! In fact, it’s time to hit the nail studio for the hottest holiday colors. We should go together! Afterward, we’ll grab some festive hot cocoa and head to your house for a Christmas fashion show! I’ll just know we’ll be besties furever!


Rescue Report ID: 29066433
Age: 2 Years, 4 Months

Breed: Siamese/Maine Coon
Color: White
  Naughty     Nice


I like to keep busy. After all, bored paws can find trouble in a hurry, and I don’t want any of that! I’m a cat who stays on the Nice List, and if you bring me home this Christmas season, you’ll find you’ve got the best of Santa’s little helpers by your side. Need a popcorn chain for the tree? I’ve got it covered! How about a fresh batch of cookies for the holiday guests? I have a recipe you’ll love. Whatever you need, I’m the elf who will get it done!


Rescue Report ID: 77037598
Age: 1 Year, 6 Months

Breed: American Shorthair
Color: Grey/White
  Naughty     Nice


I love the holiday season because everywhere you look, the joy of Christmas is guiding people to do good for their fellow man, or in my case, your fellow cat. The world can feel cold to a sensitive soul like me, but in your arms, how could I ever feel alone? Adopt me and together, we can explore the literary depths of your bookshelf and then organize a holiday food drive. With our hearts intertwined, we can do anything!