Keen Cat Has Protected His Mom’s Life More Than 50 Times

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on January 23, 2024

Hazel suffers from diabetes. Although it can be challenging at times, she still maintains her job as a nurse, working long hours. One evening, Hazel looked forward to a good night’s rest. It was raining outside, which soothed her to sleep. Her indoor/outdoor cat, Wally, wasn’t a huge fan of rain. He’d often come back into the home through the cat door and demand that Hazel dry his paws off. On that particular night, as Hazel drifted to sleep, she felt Wally pawing at her face.

Assuming Wally merely wanted his paws dried off, Hazel ignored the feline. Groggy and in a daze, Hazel shooed him away. She was, after all, utterly exhausted. But Wally continued to persistently swat at Hazel’s face. She turned on the light and Wally was staring at her as if he was trying to tell her something. Hazel figured she should check her blood sugar anyway, just in case. It was dangerously low!

After this incident, Wally officially became Hazel’s guardian. If Wally calmly nestled into his mom, Hazel and her husband knew she was okay. If he seemed agitated, it was likely that she wasn’t. Each time Wally seemed ‘off,’ Hazel’s blood sugar was either too low or too high. The cat’s incredible perception and keen senses blew Hazel’s doctors away as well. Aren’t animals incredible?

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