Two Cats Having A Splish Splash Bath

Written by: Kat Keeter
| Published on October 22, 2015

It’s no shock to anyone that cats and water don’t mix. Most cats can’t stand bathtubs, faucets, pools, puddles or anything else along those lines. Luckily for them, cats are self groomers, and spend hours a day cleaning and bathing themselves, so their humans don’t need to bathe them. Every now and again cats do need a bath. Maybe they got into the garbage or got caught in the rain and fell into a puddle. Either way, a bath will be necessary to get the cat clean and shiny again.

These 2 cats are no exception to hating bath time. The video shows the trials and tribulations that a cat has to go through in order to get nice and clean. The initial placement into the water can be the hardest part for the cat, but can also be quite entertaining for the human giving the bath. Eventually both cats give in to the baths and let their humans scrub them down and get them clean again.

The struggle is real for these cats! I know they are both hoping they won’t have to go through that for awhile.