Two Buddies Go Fishing, End Up Cat-Fishing Instead!

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 20, 2024

When Brandon Key and Jason Frost set out for a fishing trip on Alabama’s Black Warrior River, they had no idea what kind of catch awaited them.

Their ordinary fishing adventure took an unexpected turn when it turned into a “cat-fishing” trip, quite literally.

As it happened, they ended up rescuing two kittens that were desperately swimming towards their boat, seeking safety.

In a video that quickly went viral, Frost is heard saying, “So, we’re out here on the Warrior River, and y’all are not gonna believe what is swimming towards our boat. A kitten.”

The video captured the unexpected sight of the kittens approaching the boat, leaving the fishermen in shock.

Indeed, it was a kitten, and shortly after, another one followed.

“They’re twins! Are you kidding me?” exclaimed Frost.

Despite being soaked and scared, the kittens showcased their swimming prowess. They also appeared incredibly thankful to their rescuers.

“Some jackass probably put them out there,” Frost speculated.

Frost suspected that the kittens were abandoned, but their will to survive was remarkable. Nothing, not even a river, could deter them.

This incident certainly gives a new meaning to the term “catfishing.”

Once back on dry land, Key and Frost managed to find a loving family who quickly fell in love with the ginger kittens and were happy to adopt them. It was a purrfect ending to an extraordinary rescue.

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