Transient Kitty Enters Man’s Home, And His Pets Smelled ‘Something Was Off’

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on July 25, 2023

Michael is a security guard. While at work, he met a stray cat he named “Tree Kitty.” The sweet feline followed Michael everywhere. Their interactions quickly turned into a love affair! Michael told his wife, Alexandra, he was bringing Tree Kitty home to foster her.

The couple has several pets, and as soon as they met Tree Kitty and sniffed her, they could tell “something was off.” Michael and Alexandra brought the cat to the vet to ensure she was okay. It turned out Tree Kitty was pregnant!

The couple was in shock! They never experienced a pregnancy before. Alexandra explains in the video how she knew it was time for Tree Kitty to give birth. She began to pace around the house, meowing incessantly.

Amazingly, once the kittens were born, the couple’s other pets understood what to do and gave Mama and her babies the space they needed. Tree Kitty remained with her wee ones in the bathtub so they could snuggle and nurse.

Michael and Alexandra were concerned that she didn’t have stimulation. They had a bright idea that worked out perfectly! To find out more, and to see the beautiful kitty family, click “play” on the video below!

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