Trailblazing Rescue Cat Proves That Leashes Aren’t Just For Dogs

In Seattle, Washington, a trailblazing feline has become something of a local celebrity.

Magic is a 1-year-old  kitty with an adventurous spirit that’s been nurtured by parents Eric and Erica. Noticing his curiosity for the outdoors early on, the couple put him in a harness and took him for a stroll.

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With some practice, Magic became very comfortable on a leash, and now, they take him for hikes and outdoor expeditions all over!

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You can probably imagine that fellow hikers who pass by can’t help but meet this amazing kitty.

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In a story by King 5 News, his parents say that they were self-conscious from all the attention at first. Now they’re used to it, and letting their furry friend accompany them on their adventures is well worth it!

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Watch a video on Magic below:

What a lucky cat – and even luckier humans!

Unsurprisingly, Magic has rendered quite the social media following. This seems perfectly appropriate, since his humans rescued him after seeing his photo posted online.

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Can’t get enough Magic? Follow him on Instagram @furrymagic.

Does your cat love walking on a leash? Tell us about it in the comments below!

(Feature Images: @furrymagic via Instagram. h/t: King 5 News)


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