Top 10 Cities For Single Women With Cats

| Published on January 4, 2016

There has always been a stereotype about single women who own cats. But that stereotype, which is often negative, has been reinvented by the modern single woman who has an active social life and lives in the big city–and owns a cat or two.

A survey conducted by Nielsen Scarborough with over 400,000 respondents nationwide, revealed the 10 cities with the most “single women who own as least one cat” per capita.

#1 – Portland, Oregon (9.9%)

This doesn’t surprise me. After all, we have a cat café, we have a cat rapper, and it rains so much who wants to walk a dog every day?

#2 – Seattle, Washington (9.3%)

The weather hypothesis works here too. And, not to be outdone, they have a cat café as well.

#3 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (8.7%)

Pittsburgh is a bustling city, so maybe women here prefer cats because they can be left alone more. Or maybe it’s because they make great lap warmers during those cold Eastern winters.

Image source: @Richard via Flickr
Image source: @Richard via Flickr

#4 – Kansas City, Missouri (8.4%)

Kansas City, Missouri has a large feral cat population – hundreds of them roam the streets. There are many cat rescue groups that are working to lower the population through TNR (trap-neuter-return). But it also means there are lot of kittens to adopt. Maybe that’s why they have so many cat-owning women, there are lots of cats that need homes!

#5 – Denver, Colorado (8.3%)

Denver is a fun city with lots to see and do. The city itself seems to foster cat ownership, with amazing amenities such as Paradise 5 Paws, a premier pet resort with a special “Cat Adventure Jungle” section where your cat is sure to be pampered should you ever have to go on a trip. 

Image source:

#6 – Albuquerque/Santa Fe, New Mexico (8.2%)

Albuquerque is rapidly jumping on the “cat-loving” bandwagon. Just this year they announced their first cat café. When it opens, they just might move up on this list.

Image source: @RockyMoutainFelineRescue via Flickr

#7 – Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota (7.7%)

Minneapolis is also getting a cat café, perhaps it will provide dating place for all those single ladies? Cat lovers are clearly outspoken in this city, where you can even find cat-themed street art.

Image source: @USB via Flickr
Image source: @USB via Flickr

#8 – Harrisburg, Virginia (7.7%)

Another city with a large feral cat population, one rescue does over 400 adoptions a year. That makes for a LOT of cat ladies.

#9 – Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida (7.5%)

Tampa and St. Petersburg have a lot of cat rescues, organizations and groups to help cats of all sizes – from domestic to exotic. It’s clear there are some passionate cat ladies (and men!) in these cities.

#10 – Columbus, Ohio (7.5%)

Ohio has a busy cat scene for the fancier. It’s just two and half hours from the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s (CFA) headquarters in Alliance, and it just hosted the International Cat Association’s Global Cat show, which brought in more than 500 cats of 50 breeds to compete. Columbus also boosts a cat café as well as Zen Cat Gallery, an online art gallery that raises money for cat welfare and hosts once-a-month meet-ups for lovers. We are starting to wonder how they are only ranked 10th in the nation.