Top 10 Cat Breeds In America

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on March 9, 2015

While often times it’s easy to recall the most popular dog breeds in the US, can you think of the most popular cat breeds? Sure we know there is the Persian, Siamese, and other popular favorites like the Domestic Shorthair, but do you know how they rank among cat lovers? Take a look at our countdown of the top 10 cat breeds in America and see for yourself where each of the popular breeds rank. You might even be surprised to see that your favorite cat breed makes the popular list!

5119442706_25a55a7d0a_z-3Source: Amy via Flickr

10. Sphynx

The Sphynx is known by pretty much everyone for its unique hairless trait. These exclusively indoor cats are very loving, loyal, and do well in homes where they aren’t required to spend much time alone. Many Sphynx cat owners can agree that their cats have a strong need to be with them, and take their bonds very seriously with their constant displays of affection. Fun fact: because these cats have no fur, their bodies actually function 3 degrees higher than other cats as a means to keep them warm.

 2886096857_f0f3624bb0_zSource: Abe Kleinfeld via Flickr

9. Manx

This tailless breed is often referred to as the dog of the cat world. A Manx is very friendly, outgoing, and enjoys being around people at all times. These cats make great pets in large families and adapt well to environments with other pets in the household. Fun fact: The Manx cat breed actually isn’t always tailless, with variations ranging from no tail to half tail, due to a naturally occurring genetic mutation that affects tail length.

 424040921_0c5ed67df8_zSource: Matthijs via Flickr

8. Oriental Shorthair

These hypoallergenic beauties come in more patterns and colors than any other at breed–totally almost 300 combinations. An Oriental Shorthair is a highly intelligent cat, and the breed came as a result of crossbreeding between a Siamese, Abyssinian, and a Russian Blue. These cats are known for their bat-like ears and ballerina-like bodies, with long, sleek limbs and physiques. These highly social cats enjoy constant interaction, and for anyone that owns one they know that when an Oriental Shorthair wants your attention they will be very vocal about getting it.


7. Domestic Shorthair

Quite arguably the most popular cat breed in the world due to their abundance, these cats come in all patterns and colors. The domestic shorthair has no direct purebred lineage, making them the mutts of the cat world. But don’t let their lack of pedigree fool you, these are amazing cats who have winning personalities and do well in almost any environment. Fun fact: Domestic Shorthair cats who travel outside the home are natural hunters, spending up to 6 hours a day just hunting. Not too shabby for a mutt nicknamed the Alley Cat.

 3128647077_4bf442f5ec_z-2Source: Peter Munks via Flickr

6. The Ragdoll

Appropriately named for the habit of going limp upon being picked up, these furry beauties are the very definition of a lap cat. These longhaired felines are notorious cuddle bugs, loving to be as close to their humans as they can whenever they are around. The Ragdoll is a larger cat breed, and preferred my many cat lovers for their affectionate and gentle disposition. If your want a cat that will adore you to pieces, look no further than a cuddly Ragdoll cat.

 4342645470_e74e5463c3_z-2Source: M Sundstrom via Flickr

5. The Abyssinian

These ticked-coat cuties are extremely energetic, playful, and much like the Siamese need to be with their humans as much as possible. An Abyssinian doesn’t make a great lap cat or cuddler, but they will let you know how much they need you with their constant lingering in your presence. The Abyssinian loves to play and is such a smart breed, many have been reported to easily learn tricks–such as the light switch on-off trick that they respond to excitedly.

 12189591175_6b90ef28c3_zSource: Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr

4. The Siamese

With their stunning blue eyes and distinctly unique personalities, it’s no wonder that the Siamese is a favorite among cat owners. Siamese are extremely vocal cats who are known to communicate expressively with their owners, and as any Siamese owner knows these cats very much prefer being with their owners whenever they can. To own a Siamese is a firm commitment, because they cats do not do well in an environment where they are frequently left alone–as some can even become depressed. Poor kitty!

 9307414920_985800ee14_zSource: Bryant Wong via Flickr

3. The Exotic Shorthair

This breed is actually a variation of the Persian, with identical features excluding the long, luxurious coat. With their short, dense coats and large eyes, these cuties almost resemble teddy bears. An Exotic Shorthair is great for someone who wants a Persian cat without having to commit to the level of hair care that owning a Persian demands.

 4530987950_51b4f9750c_zSource: Tambako The Jaguar via Flickr

2. The Maine Coon

These big cats are a favorite among many cat owners for their laid-back nature, love of being in the presence of their humans, and they are known by many as being the gentlest of all cat breeds. These gentle giants are the largest of all the domesticated cat breeds, with fluffy fur and chill personalities making them hard to resist. For those owners of this truly all American cat breed, they can certainly agree that their Maine Coon even has a great sense of humor, as these cats are sometimes referred to as clown cats for their goofy nature.

 5343370941_ba37a51f69_z-3Source: Magnus Bråth via Flickr

1. The Persian

This super popular breed has clinched the top spot in the US for nearly 30 years! Many know this breed for its affectionate and sweet personality, making it a perfect lap cat with all that fluff and adorable saucer-like eyes. Persians are popular all around the world, even though owning one requires lots of hair care and they can be more prone to health issue, the loyal companionship from a Persian makes it well worth it.

***Honorable mentions include: the Russian Blue, Bengal, and the Birman.

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