Tobi Wows With His Strange Dance Moves

Tobi the cat is at it again; he created a new dance move! It’s the 21st century version of the head banging moves of the 90’s, and Tobi has come up with his own unique version of it – what a clever and ingenious cat he is! Of course, he has admitted that this new dance move and technique can make one dizzy but anything for entertainment, right?

Wanna learn it? Just follow Tobi’s simple moves. Try to get the rhythm now. Too fast for you? Well, tell Tobi to slow down. Have you got it yet? Pretty cool moves, yeah? Who knows, this head banging moves might just be the chick magnet that you guys have been looking for all this time! 😉

Source: Tobi the cat shows off strange dance moves by Atoki on Rumble

Wasn’t that fun? Just continue practicing so you don’t lose the rhythm of the beat, now. Yeah, share this vid with others so they too will learn a thing or two from Tobi!

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