This Smart Cat Can Do Anything That Dogs Do…And She Does It Even Better!

| Published on July 9, 2015

Remember Didga the cat? Didga is known as the world’s best skateboarding cat! She was that cat who went to the beach with a bunch of dogs! That awesome video with a background music of Pharrell’s “Happy” made animal lovers all around the world smile! And she was also on that video where she performed tricks together with her Rottweiler siblings.

Now Didga is back! And she’s showing you the best stunts she’s ever performed. She has big dreams, and she’s showing everyone that dreams can come true! With training and persistence, Didga was able to do amazing tricks. She’s even better than most dogs! Watch the video below!

Isn’t she amazing! Those tricks and stunts she performed are incredible!

And did you know that Didga is an adopted cat? There are so many amazing cats out there who are just waiting to be adopted.

You can check out more of Didga’s videos at