This One-Eyed Cat Has Become A Cool & Popular Surfer!

| Published on January 8, 2016

Does your cat like the beach?

Most cats are afraid of the water, which is why some of them don’t like the beach at all. However there are cats who are not scared of the water. Some of them even love to be bathed.

But the cat in the photos below loves more than just the beach, he loves to surf!

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Meet Nānākuli–a one-eyed surfer cat who lives in Hawaii! They call him “Kuli” for short.

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His owners, Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton, say that Kuli somehow developed an unusual interest in the ocean.

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Kuli was rescued when he was a kitten. And because of an eye infection, his eye had to be removed. After that, Kuli needed to be bathed regularly. It was probably because of all those baths that Kuli came to love water.

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When Kuli recovered, he had swimming lessons. His humans even bought him his very own life jacket.

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And since then, like most Hawaiian surfers, Kuli has been hanging out at the beach with his humans, looking for waves to surf!

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Check out the video below and see Kuli on his afternoon swim!

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Isn’t he amazing? Kuli is one gorgeous cat, isn’t he?

Kuli is now gaining popularity, and now has almost 3 thousand followers on Instagram! You can check out more beautiful photos and awesome videos of Kuli by checking his Instagram account at

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