This Mermaid Cat Is In Need Of A Special Wheelchair, Will You Help Her?

| Published on March 16, 2016

Everyone, meet Dasha–a cat they dubbed as the mermaid cat.

Dasha’s legs were paralyzed when she was only four weeks old when a car door was accidentally slammed on her. Since her back legs are paralyzed, she has to crawl to get around. And when she crawls, she drags her back legs like a mermaid drags her tail when on land. Dasha was taken in by BARCS Animal Shelter in Maryland after she was brought in by her owner. She was covered in urine that time.

Dasha doesn’t let her disability faze her spirit. But she needs your help. She is in need of a special wheelchair for her to get around easily.

If you want to help Dasha, please click THIS LINK. For more information and updates about Dasha, visit BARCS Animal Shelter’s Facebook Page.

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