This Kitty’s Game Of Choice? Bowling!

| Published on June 30, 2015

What games does your cat love to play? Most cats love to play with yarn, some are more updated with technology and would rather play with games on the iPad! And just recently, we featured that hilarious cat who dances around when he’s playing with his toys!

Now we have this kitten who enjoys bowling! Osamu the kitten loves to bowl, and he makes it a point that no pin is left standing! He knows that in bowling, you win when you have the most pins knocked down! But instead of using a bowling ball, Osamu is using his paws to knock the pins down. And when his human misses a few pins when he rolls the ball, Osamu knocks the remaining pins down so daddy can secure a spare! Watch the adorable video below!

Awwww…Osamu is so cute! I love the part when he jumped at the pins at 1:21!

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