This Kitty Won’t Let Her Disability Stand In Her Way

Tippy, a beautiful Siamese mix, was born in July 2011 with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia that makes it difficult for her to walk without tumbling down. In spite of her disability, she’s still able to go to places she wants to go and use her litter box. She still continues to enjoy life despite the challenges she face every single day. Like other cats who have the same condition, she is expected to live a normal lifespan. As time goes by, she will become accustomed to things and learns to compensate for her disability. Despite being a bit different, she’s still very sweet and playful like normal cats. This kitty has so much love to give, how about you? 😀

Share Tippy’s video to your cat-lover friends who may be inspired because of her! 🙂

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