This Commuting Cat Takes The Tokyo Subway All By Himself

In Tokyo, a gray and white cat likes to travel via subway….all by himself.

A regular passenger of the Seibu Ikebukuro (people passengers have noticed the commuting cat since 2013), no one knows exactly where he lives or where he plans on going.

But fellow riders don’t seem to mind; he never takes up too much room and always remains calm despite the constant foot traffic. As a frequent user of the transportation, he never asks for directions. In fact, he’s one passenger that most people don’t mind sitting close to!

No map, no ticket, no problem–this kitty’s got it all figured out.

He never takes up too much room…

And always knows where he’s going.

The commuting kitty never bothers anyone.

And people don’t seem to mind sitting next to him when the subway gets crowded!

What an amazing kitty! Needless to say, he’s an old pro when it comes to navigating the public transportation system.

(h/t: Bored Panda)

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