This Cat Was Born With A Deformed Face, But A Normal Heart

| Published on June 4, 2015

This is Monty. Monty is a cat that was born with chromosomal abnormalities, making him look very different from other cats. He has no nasal bridge so his face is large, bulbous and awkward. He leaks urine on himself sometimes when he sleeps. Worst of all, Monty was born into a home with far too many cats so his overwhelmed owner turned him into the shelter. While he was there, however, the shelter staff realized that while he looked deformed, he certainly had a heart just as full of love as any other regular cat. He was calm, loving and patient and soon found an incredible forever home. The couple that adopted Monty appreciated his sweet and gentle personality and knew he had just as much to offer, if not more, than a “normal” pet.

Now Monty has his own YouTube channel and you can check out more of his videos there. He’s one lucky kitty to find such a loving and special forever home!