This Cat Thinks The New Baby Crib Is Actually For Him

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 24, 2015

When you have a cat, there may be an adjustment period when you welcome a new baby into the picture. For a cat that is used to getting a lot of attention, they may become slightly confused when a new tiny person arrives and steals the show. Finn, the three-year-old Maine Coon mix pictured in the photos, has really taken a liking to the baby-to-be’s furniture–particularly her crib! Almost every morning his human parents find Finn sprawled like so, his nearly 20 lb. frame filling the majority of the crib space. And they find it rather surprising that the big fellow has the ability to clear the railings, too!

original-11457-1435132650-11via Buzzfeed

From as comfy and cozy as this cat appears to be, you would think the crib was actually for him! Max Brown, the daddy-to-be, posted the pictures on Reddit and immediately started receiving lots of attention, as well as solicited advice from many users. When asked what he would do, Max said, “for good measure my wife is going to ask her dad to build a new kitty bed for him so he doesn’t feel left out.” AWE!!! Now those are some thoughtful cat parents. Here’s to hoping sweet Finn loves his new baby sister.

original-15993-1435132671-10via Buzzfeed