This Cat Lives In Hawaii, & Her Life Is WAY Better Than Ours [PICS]

| Published on September 21, 2014

Have you ever seen a cat who’s living a life that’s way way better than yours? Well you’re about to! Prepare to die of envy with this kitty’s life! Everyone, meet Lava the cat! What is it about Lava’s life that people envy the most? Well, she just frolics around the island of Oahu Hawaii, doing whatever she wants. And oh, did I mention that she’s a paid celebrity? Yup, she’s sponsored by PetBox Inc. Her human is her own photographer, taking pictures of her wherever she goes! Check out her pictures below!

I’m green with envy!! Lava’s life is soooo good! How I wish I was living a life like Lava’s!

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